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Evolving Trends: Bathroom and Kitchen Colour Palettes for 2024


For 25 years, Dulux have been predicting paint colour trends with their Dulux Colour Forecast. Recently, they released what they predict will be the most popular colour palettes for 2024. As experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations, extensions and new builds in the Forster Tuncurry area for well over 30 years now, it is always exciting to see how the trends ebb and flow over time. In this article we look at the vibrant landscape of potential trends shaping the year, drawing insights from the Dulux Colour Forecast.


Solstice draws its inspiration from the minimalist Scandinavian design ethos. It is further enriched it with elements evoking the warmth of the Mediterranean and the rugged beauty of the desert. This palette seamlessly blends warm hues with cooler tones, incorporating intricate details like braiding and primitive sculptural forms reminiscent of the Australian outback and the African savannah.


The journey colour palette is about bringing together global influences from travels as well as reflecting on the history through objects handed down through generations. With a maximalist approach, this palette introduces bohemian charm and vibrant mid-tones, encouraging adventurous choices like bright pinks and playful aquas, balanced by rich browns.


Muse is all about tapping into the nostalgic vibes with a strong ‘70s influence. This striking colour palette celebrates free-spirited colours, embracing deep mid-tones reminiscent of retro aesthetics.


The aforementioned palettes exude boldness and captivate attention, yet for those who still gravitate towards neutral colours and tones, there’s no need to fret. Neutrals persist as a timeless choice for home decor, albeit with evolving shades. Anticipate warmer tones gaining traction in 2024, with buttery and blush undertones rising in popularity, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to interior spaces.

Residing in the scenic Forster Tuncurry, we cannot wait to see how these colour predictions integrate into our kitchen and bathroom renovations, extensions, and new home constructions. The jewel tones, in particular, harmonise perfectly with our coastal surroundings, and we envision them becoming a popular source of inspiration for our forthcoming projects.

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