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Bathroom Designs for Your Next Renovation

A renovated bathroom is a great way to not only add value to your home but make your everyday life more comfortable and stylish. Which improvements should you introduce, however? For bathroom renovation near Forster/Tuncurry, B&S Nelson is the group to call, and we’ve put together some design ideas for you to consider in this handy article!

Consider some of these when planning for a bathroom remodel to improve your space’s functionality, storage, and comfort, and contact our team for a definitive plan that will suit your home.

Bathroom renovation for smaller space

A very popular design introduction recently is toilets with a hidden tank. With these models, the water storage section of the toilet is mounted inside the wall, a great space saver for those remodelling a smaller bathroom.

Also known as hidden cistern toilets, you can opt for low-flow models that will save water every time you flush. Appropriate for all bathroom styles, this is a particularly good look for those designing a modern and contemporary aesthetic. The only downside is the difficulty if maintenance is required in the tank section of the toilet.

Bathroom Renovation: textured tile shower floor

There is no shortage of flooring options when redesigning a bathroom. Opting for a small, textured shower tile creates a safer shower floor that lowers the chances of slipping. With grout that is resistant to mould, humidity, and stains, the second benefit of this kind of tiling is how easy it can be to keep clean.

This type of flooring is available in a range of colours and patterns, making it easy to find the right style to suit your chosen look.

Bathroom Renovation : Two-inch plumbing drain pipes

A small improvement that you won’t see but makes a big impact on the functionality of your bathroom is increasing the drainpipe size to avoid easy clogging. Two-inch-diameter drains are an inexpensive way to dramatically improve the drainage in your bathroom, saving expensive plumbing bills and hassle down the track.

If you don’t take baths, don’t install a tub

Don’t feel like you need to put a bathtub in the bathroom. If you are not a regular bath-taker, save the space (and cost)! A bathtub is not a necessity, and the adage of a tub offering greater appeal to prospective buyers is becoming less and less relevant in the modern home.

If you love baths, include a tub in your remodel, but if the idea of a larger shower sounds more appealing, go for it! A bathtub is better suited to those with children, but those without may prefer a luxurious shower. If space is not an issue, then by all means, include both.

Put a window in the shower

Humidity is a big issue in bathrooms with insufficient ventilation. A good bathroom fan is a must, but natural ventilation can also be of significant benefit. Achieve this by adding a window in your shower to lessen the chance of mould and mildew and enjoy the extra benefit of more natural light.

The appropriate type of window will vary based on your layout and space, but it is important to ensure you slope the sill downwards to avoid water getting stuck. If you are worried about privacy, simply use frosted glass to enjoy the benefits of light with all of the security you could need.

A recessed medicine cabinet

For those struggling with storage space, create more of it while ensuring a sleeker look with a recessed medicine cabinet. Usually placed above the vanity, the cabinet can sit a few inches inside the wall, creating extra space without taking up visual real estate.

You’ll particularly like this if your vanity is shallow. There will be extra space to use the sink with a recess in the wall. This means no more knocking your head on the edge of a mirror!

Always look to improve your lighting

It can be difficult to get natural light into a bathroom, so this needs to be offset with great lighting. Consider adding more lighting to improve the functionality while also bolstering the mood of the space. Include a dimmer to ensure you have the option of setting the mood when it is time to relax in the bath or shower.

With recessed fixtures around the mirror, you can ensure extra lighting for the time spent getting ready. Also, consider putting a light in the shower, rather than around it. We think this will make your showers much more comfortable (and safer). Lighting may be one of the most important elements in your remodel, so ask for professional help with this if needed.

Let the best bathroom builder Tuncurry can offer

The options seem endless, but it is important to keep things realistic based on what your space will allow. B&S Nelson is a respected builder and renovation specialist that will work with you, to ensure that you tick the boxes for what you want, and what you need, with respect to your available area.

Bathrooms need to look good, so you and your family feel comfortable in them, but they also need to be functional. Our professionals can ensure this is the case.

Our team has a large portfolio of work with both homeowners and businesses in the Forster and Tuncurry regions, improving their spaces from both an investment, and enjoyment point of view. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, our team will simplify the process and ensure great results.

Speak to one of our expert team today about the right design for your bathroom and discover a realistic and cost-effective process that takes the stress out of a bathroom renovation. With the B&S Nelson team on the project, the results you will love are guaranteed. Let’s get started today.

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