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Bathroom Renovations: Essential Improvements to Consider

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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be stressful to plan. There are so many options and possibilities when it comes to renovating your bathroom; it can be tricky to know where to start and what to include. As the finest bathroom renovations contractor Tuncurry can offer, B&S Nelson is the expert in planning and implementing a renovation.

Seize this as a perfect opportunity to update your bathroom design and colour scheme while including the latest technology, accessories and more to create your perfect bathroom. Read on for our essential improvements that we think you should consider for your bathroom renovations.

Exhaust fans and heater units

It may not be the most exciting place to start, but your bathroom needs an exhaust fan, and heater units are a nice-to-have addition. These days, it’s easy to find pieces that blend cutting edge technology with a modern look.

The goal is to find a unit combo that provides light while evenly heating your bathroom and keeping it well-ventilated.

Aim for an unobtrusive design, halogen heating lamps with improved efficiency and directional downlights. This keeps your look modern and stylish while brightening the areas you choose for functional reasons.


The world of tap options is significant. The popular choices are mixer taps as they provide a sleek and streamlined look when compared with traditional separate hot and cold taps. You also get the added benefit of greater control over your water temperature and pressure.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to the variety of designs, and you can use these taps for vanities, baths and even inside the shower recess. Mixer taps are also easier to flick on and off than traditional taps, which could benefit the older or impaired members of the community.

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If you want a flexible and efficient shower rose opt for an adjustable handheld model. You can adjust these with ease to suit various heights and mean greater control of the water spray direction. This makes it easier to wash hair, shave legs, and even clean the shower or the family pet!

Another great design option to consider is a shower niche. A shower niche in your shower recess provides space to store the toiletries you need when showering. It basically removes the need for shelves that can corrode and rust over time!

Tile your shower niches in a contrasting mosaic to make it a feature in your bathroom. This is both a practical and decorative inclusion that should be a serious consideration for every bathroom renovation.

Smart waste

You should always consider the various technology developments for a bathroom when planning your renovation. These things can make your bathroom time easier and more enjoyable.

Take, for example, smart waste, the latest in shower grate technology that replaces ugly shower grates and blends perfectly with your floor tiles.

You get the functionality of a grate with a contemporary, clean and robust finish.

Wall hung vanities

When planning your redesign, storage space should always be a big consideration. The vanity is one of your main options in a bathroom, and a wall hung vanity helps to create the appearance of more space as it creates a greater floor area. This also makes it easier to clean the floor!

Under-cabinet lighting

You’ll want to consider the lighting of your bathroom and pay careful consideration to soft lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is great for moments when traditional lighting is too bright, like those late-night trips to the bathroom. You can avoid disturbing other members of the household and make life easier by having it triggered by a sensor.

Soft lighting in the bathroom also sets the tone for a relaxing bath and creates a stylish ambience for space.

Recessed mirror cabinets

Consider replacing your traditional vanity mirror with some sleek, recessed storage space which is installed into the wall prior to tiling. This provides a streamlined finish that looks like it is just a mirror alone.

The bigger your mirror, the more storage you have in your bathroom! If you opt for a larger mirror, this will also help your space’s appearance to look larger.

Add overhead mirror lighting to this setup for a more contemporary feel that also improves the functionality of the area. You should no longer have unattractive fluorescent lights in your bathroom, killing the vibe. A wall-mounted overhead mirror light with dimmable LEDs will create a much nicer atmosphere.

Light switches

While we are on the topic of lighting, ensure that your choices are bright enough to provide good visibility but with dimmer switches for better control. Traditional light switches are white and hard to clean so be a little creative and pick a more modern design like the Saturn glass look or a metal plate.

You also have a range of design options for the actual switch itself. Want a giant button that is easy to click on in the dark? Not a problem. These days, the options are endless.

The best bathroom renovations contractor in Tuncurry

B&S Nelson is a respected builder and renovation specialist that helps homeowners and businesses in the Forster and Tuncurry regions to improve their surroundings with ease. If you are thinking about renovating your home or holiday home, we can help simplify the process while making sure you tick all of the necessary boxes.

Chat with our expert team today about the design elements and inclusions you would like to have in your new space, and we’ll find a realistic and cost-effective way to make it happen. If you don’t know where to start, trust our years of experience in renovation work to help you plan and design a space you’ll love. Let’s get started!

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