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Coastal Living: Design Ideas for Stylish Home Renovations in Forster and Tuncurry


Does your home in Foster/Tuncurry feel like it doesn’t capture the essence of coastal living? Maybe you’ve been considering renovating it, but you’re undecided about whether your design will go far. Coastal home renovations can be overwhelming when you want to balance design with livability, as trends can change in the blink of an eye, and you wind up having more questions than answers. But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

At B&S Nelson, we want to make your coastal home renovation in Forster and Tuncurry experience enjoyable. That’s why we’ve written this article for people like you. We’ve got a list of some exciting coastal living ideas for your home that not only make your home more stylish but make it a more livable home.

We are Forster/Tuncurry’s expert coast home builders. We pride ourselves on offering custom home renovation solutions that will bring you closer to the home of your dreams.

Embrace Natural Elements That Reflect the Outdoors

Bring materials like natural wood into your home that highlights earth tones while adding depth to your home renovation.

For areas like the kitchen, offsetting the lighter colours using natural wood tones helps connect the home with the ocean. When the wood is paired with natural stone benchtops that are sympathetic to the natural environment around the ocean, it pays respect to the surroundings. It makes for an interesting contrast within the home.

Integrate other earthy materials around the home, like grass and straw furniture, and locally collected items from the ocean, such as shells and weathered wood, and your house will feel like there is very little separation between the built and natural spaces.

As for areas like the bathroom, keeping these spaces natural, well-lit and open adds a sense of lightness and air. Some good ways to design with this in mind are to use materials like frosted glass and mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger, more open space and skylights to add more light.

Set a Tone with a Splash of Colour

A simple way to brighten your home is with a new paint job, and it’s important to find a harmonious balance—something that connects the ocean to your interior and vice versa.

Light colours, such as soft whites, creams, and pale greys, are generally considered the basis for coastal colours and open up spaces, allowing natural light to permeate the house. You want to think of the interior of your home as a blank canvas from which you can build, adding elements of flair to give it a personalised look and feel.

If you’re considering a home renovation, we recommend discussing with your home builder what colour schemes will work well with your existing home design so there is a nice balance between what you already have and where you want to take your home renovation.

Let There Be Light

Bringing light into the home adds a new dimension to coastal living. A popular trend is installing floor-to-ceiling windows, which creates that close connection to the natural environment of the coast, and if you’re living down by the ocean, who wouldn’t want that as your natural backdrop?

Creating light and space creates a relaxing and calming space while letting other features within the home stand out, and you are spoiled for choice with window options from a range of different frames that contrast with your interior colours. Also, tinted or frosted glass works well to take some of the sting of the full sun out while still allowing the brightness to enter the home.

Take Your Kitchen Outdoors

Of course, an indoor kitchen is a must – especially on those cold winter nights or rainy days, but when the sun’s out, getting outside to entertain is a must. What is better than firing up the barbeque on a beautiful sunny day, taking in the sun and the beach air while entertaining friends and family?

But when you’re constantly moving the barbeque from here to there and dealing with the elements, it can seem like a big hassle. So why not take these frustrations out of the equation with an outdoor kitchen? Not only do you have a permanent place to entertain, but it can also add a touch of class to your home.

Adding a permanent stainless steel outdoor kitchen space to your vacation home can redefine the art of outdoor cooking and your level of entertainment. No more logistical challenges of makeshift outdoor cooking setups; you’ll have everything you need in one place.

Coastal-Style Bathrooms

A coastal bathroom should be a welcoming environment. After a day at the beach, entertaining your friends and family, or simply relaxing, a coastal bathroom is where you want to unwind and feel the calm of your surroundings. It’s about setting a mood to feel refreshed in your oasis.

There are many ways you can go with a bathroom renovation. Still, we recommend finding that harmonious balance between bringing the natural environment outside into your bathroom with complementary tones, plenty of natural light and windows that take advantage of the ocean views while creating privacy while you relax.

Level up Your Coastal Home Renovation

At B&S Nelson, we build and are custom home renovation experts in Forster/Tuncurry. We understand coastal living and home renovations like no one else, so you can have peace of mind that when choosing us as your builder, you are at the centre of what we do.

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