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Three Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Interviewing Renovation Builders

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Picking the right builder for your home is a big deal – it can make or break your renovation experience. Choosing correctly doesn’t just mean a beautifully renovated home but also a stress free process. To increase your chances of success, make the most of the chat with your potential builders. Look out for these three blunders that could steer you away from finding your perfect match for a home builder.


Many homeowners overlook the importance of thoroughly researching a builder before engaging in those initial conversations. It’s crucial to spend time reviewing their credentials, past projects, and client reviews to determine both their reputation and the quality of their work.

Reviewing completed projects provides a sense of the builder’s workmanship, style, and any specialisation areas, such as expertise in renovating a particular style of home or their understanding of adhering to regulations such as heritage restrictions.


Effective communication and adept project management are critical for a successful renovation. If a builder is unresponsive or unclear during those initial conversations, it might be an indication of potential communication challenges in the future.

Having a builder who excels in these aspects significantly influences your renovation experience. Questions about project management should be addressed: 

  • How will the builder oversee the project? 
  • Who will be your main points of contact during the renovation? 
  • What communication frequency and method should you expect? 

These details should be thoroughly discussed during interviews, and it’s even better if the builder outlines them in the proposal.

At B&S Nelson, we prioritise keeping you informed at every step of the build, ensuring transparency about the progress. You won’t be left in the dark at any stage of the project, in fact our team will send you a weekly update with progress pics and videos. When you have questions or concerns, you will have direct access to our Head Builder, Steve or the Site Foreman. We take pride in delivering an enjoyable, memorable experience throughout the construction process. Given that building is a substantial investment for you, our goal is for you to love both the experience and the final result.


While the cost is undoubtedly a crucial factor, relying solely on the lowest bid can lead to issues. It’s essential to take into account the builder’s experience, work quality, and reliability, not just the price.

This is a common misstep in the industry when assessing builders and requesting quotes. Homeowners often fixate solely on the final price, and we understand – everyone has a budget, and ensuring your renovation stays within it is vital. However, there’s a significant “but” here. Numerous other factors demand consideration when assessing builders.

The ultimate price is one aspect, but has the builder provided a comprehensive breakdown of costs? Do you have a clear understanding of the materials and finishes included, or is the information vague?   A sign of a good builder is one that will provide you with a comprehensive quote that includes all possible costs and has an idea of ways that costs can be reduced without the overall quality of the project being affected. 

Being aware of these three mistakes will help you better select a builder that aligns with you and your values. This will lead to a much more enjoyable experience and hopefully create a beautifully renovated home that is perfectly suited to both you and your budget. 

Book in a time to talk with Head Builder, Steve, today. We would love to work with you!