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Embracing Coastal Elements: Design Ideas for Stylish Home Renovations

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Coastal living is alluring, offering a lifestyle characterised by tranquillity, crisp, clean air, and natural wonders stretched across the water’s edge. However, even though you may not live in a coastal region, you can still infuse your home decor with oceanic elements that proclaim your love of ocean life.

Whether you’re planning a seaside home renovation on the New South Wales midcoast or renovating in Sydney’s urban sprawl, there are many ways you can incorporate your love of the seaside into your home’s aesthetic.

Read on to discover how to embrace coastal elements in your home renovation and learn why our BS Nelson building team are the perfect partner for a seaside home renovation in Forster/Tuncurry.

Open plan living

Australia is known for stunning coastlines that feel as though they go on forever. One way to celebrate the vast expanse of Australia’s coastline is with an open-plan design for your home renovation.

Ways to open up your home renovation design include:

  • Removing non-supporting walls
  • Utilise large windows
  • Install sliding or bifold doors
  • Open the kitchen design with an island
  • Utilise skylights

Partial or partition walls are an effective compromise if the amount of material that can be removed is limited. An experienced builder can optimise your existing space and provide a good open-plan solution.

Natural light and ventilation

Spaces with lots of natural light and ventilation help to create a more breezy, coastal feel. Even if you cannot open up your living space, installing large windows, skylights, and sliding or bifold doors can help optimise your organic airflow and maximise natural light throughout your home.

Increased sunlight and airflow can also improve home hygiene, allowing sunlight and natural breezes to kill and remove pathogens and allergens.

Use a neutral colour palette

Coastal design often revolves around a natural colour pallet based on classic oceanic shades such as sandy beiges, crisp whites, muted greys, soft blues and light greens.

Choose colours and subtle ocean-inspired patterns that evoke soothing hues celebrating sun, sand, sea, and sky.

Incorporate natural materials

The ocean is captivating in its natural beauty, so it makes sense to incorporate natural materials into your home renovation.

Some examples include installing or refurbishing hardwood floors, incorporating weathered refuge timber and driftwood features, and highlighting with materials like bamboo or cork.

Choosing furniture made of natural materials can also add more natural elements. Rattan or wicker furniture can add warmth and texture to your space, echoing the organic ocean theme throughout your living rooms.

Use nautical accents in your decor

Infuse your home with nautical accents that pay homage to coastal living. Incorporate striped patterns and ocean themes in your upholstery or bedding, and display decorative elements like:

  • Coastal-inspired artwork,
  • Seashells and stones,
  • Rope mirrors,
  • Weathered ship wheels,
  • Vintage navigational maps
  • Fish tanks

High-definition photographic ocean-themed wallpaper can also create a transportive effect that disconnects you from the outer world and provides a feature wall that enhances your ocean themes.

Casual and comfortable furnishings

Coastal living is about relaxation and comfort, so choose furnishings that are stylish but comfortable and inviting.

Opt for comfy sofas and chairs with plush cushions. Create cozy, relaxing nooks with large throw pillows, or consider a hammock chair to create a relaxed, calming ocean atmosphere while providing practical use.

Have fun with kids’ bedrooms

If your children are water babies, designing an ocean theme can help incorporate them into the home renovation process. Kids can often be left out of the process, and this is a great chance to include the whole family in the design and remodelling of your home.

Install fun blue bunk beds, ocean-themed wallpaper, quirky stuffed sea creatures and maybe even some pet hermit crabs to bring the ocean into their sanctuary.

Enhance outdoor spaces

Expand your seaside theme by extending your ocean oasis to outdoor living and entertaining areas.

Stylise your decking or patio with ocean decor, incorporate comfy nautic-style outdoor furniture, and add ocean-themed throw rugs, pillows and trimmings that link your inner and outer spaces seamlessly.

Incorporate water features

Water features in your internal and external spaces can be the perfect finishing touch to your oceanic theme.

Consider a modest, trickling feature indoors to highlight your internal seaside aesthetic and a more prominent outdoor water feature that provides a loud water cascade. If you have a swimming pool, consider a feature that works harmoniously with the larger body of water and surrounding landscaping.

Sustainable design

Embrace eco-sustainability in your coastal home renovation by choosing eco-friendly materials, reused and recycled elements, and requesting sustainable building practices.

Opt for appliances and lighting fixtures with good energy efficiency ratings to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Incorporate passive cooling, such as cross-ventilation and natural shading, to minimise the need for HVAC utilities.

BS Nelson: The go-to builder for coastal home renovations in Forster/Tuncurry

Embracing coastal elements in your home renovation is a timeless and elegant way to create a stylish and serene living space. By incorporating some of these design elements, you can evoke the beauty and tranquillity of the seaside in your home.

If you are planning your dream build on the New South Wales mid-coast, who better to trust for an ocean-inspired home renovation in Forster/Tuncurry than a local builder with extensive local knowledge and strong standing in the coastal community?

Our expert team of trade professionals has a reputation for excellence. We offer a personalised approach to the building process and are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and making your coastal home a reality.

To book a meeting with one of our local consultants, leave your preferred contact details and a brief message via our online contact porthole or call our office during regular business hours at (02) 6555 3484.