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How to Achieve Family-Friendly Renovations in Forster-Tuncurry


The Forster/Tuncurry area provides an incredible lifestyle and solid community for young families, drawing people from all walks of life looking for their dream sea change.

As families expand and children grow, a house that once provided ample room soon becomes crowded. When you live somewhere as beautiful as Forster/Tuncurry, moving is rarely on the cards, so renovations are generally the preferred option.

Read on for tips on how to achieve family-friendly renovations, and discover why our B&S Nelson team are the preferred home builder Forster/Tuncurry-wide.

Open plan living

Take inspiration from the wide expanse of Nine Mile Beach by opening up your living space. Open-plan living allows your family to remain connected, whether people are in the kitchen, lounge area, or dining space, making it ideal for family gatherings or entertaining guests.

Removing non-load-bearing walls is the easiest way to achieve a more open plan; however, it is important to consult an experienced renovation builder to ensure the home’s structural integrity remains intact.

Opt for light, neutral tones to amplify natural light, and allow the fresh coastal air to flow through large windows, sliding or French doors, to invite the outdoors in.

Coastal kitchen inspiration

The bigger the family, the busier the kitchen, and if your family is expanding a new kitchen could be a good investment for your home renovation.

Consider more family-friendly design options, such as:

  • Opening up your kitchen to make more space for food preparation and cooking
  • Install large islands with ample storage
  • Durable stainless steel child-proof appliances
  • Wear-resistant quartz or stainless benchtops
  • Plenty of power points and USB chargers for phones and devices
  • Open shelving for easy access
  • and more

When styling your new kitchen, seek inspiration from your surroundings with beach themes, cool tones, and ocean hues.

Outdoor entertainment

In the warmer weather, there is no better place to spend quality time with the family than your outdoor entertainment area. The whole family can benefit from more time outdoors, so why not make your backyard living spaces more enticing?

Some of the ways you can get the most out of your outdoor entertainment space include:

  • Installing a covered patio
  • Build a pergola with comfortable seating
  • Create an alfresco dining space
  • Install an outdoor kitchen and dining area
  • Decking by swimming pools
  • Outdoor sound systems
  • and more

Make your space versatile and modular so you can create the perfect outdoor setting for family nights together or larger functions. Create an ambience with soft outdoor lighting, strategic plant life, and creative landscaping.

Build a kids play zone

If you have a bit of space to play with and a large family full of active, energetic kids who are always on the go, consider building a multi-use kids play zone. A space where they can:

  • Run, jump and swing
  • Hone sports skills
  • Strengthen growing bodies
  • Learn about themselves and each other
  • Use their imagination, and
  • Spend time together as a family

Every kid is different, and you know your children better than anyone. Internet forums and social media are full of kid play zone ideas that can get you started on a design. It’s a great way to get kids off the screens and back outdoors, get more exercise, socialise, and sometimes give parents some peace and quiet.

Multi-functional laundry

As a family grows, the laundry becomes an integral utility in the family home. The more people in your abode, the more space you need for storing towels, bedsheets, cleaners, detergents, and much more.

Ways to make a more family-friendly laundry may include:

  • An upsized front loader washing machine that can stack a dryer
  • Large or second basins for hand washing garments and soaking
  • New-wave cabinet organisers to optimise storage
  • Deep cupboards for expanding bath sheets and linen
  • A retractable drying rack suspended from the ceiling
  • Dedicated folding and ironing space
  • Durable countertops and folding tables
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets to optimise storage
  • Lockable cabinets for hazardous chemicals and cleaning agents.

It’s easy to overlook future needs in a laundry, so it is worth spending some time not only considering what you need in the short term but also consider potential family expansions in the future.

This may not just mean children, but the possibility that you may need to care for parents or grandparents in the future.

Our expert consultants have the experience to help you design your family-friendly laundry renovation in Forster/Tuncurry, helping you optimise function, and potentially providing added smart laundry options for your consideration.

Family-focused bathroom renovations

A family bathroom requires a lot more space and functionality than most standard bathroom layouts. When multiple people are trying to access the same bathroom in the morning rush, it can be challenging to find balance.

If you already have a full family, your existing daily struggles are giving you a lot of data to make your bathroom renovation design choices.

While these issues may be unique, here are some family-friendly bathroom renovation solutions that may provide some primary concepts:

  • Provide a flexible, modular layout where possible
  • Install a double vanity to reduce bathroom congestion
  • Include adjustable features, like showerheads and handheld mixers
  • Child-friendly installations, like lower sinks and toilets, step stools, and soft close, removable toilet lids
  • Safe storage units
  • Durable materials

Our experienced design and build teams have an extensive portfolio of family-friendly bathroom installations and are the preferred builders for a tailored home bathroom renovation Tuncurry/Forster-wide.

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