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Let there be light

large doors

Just look what two large doors can do to a home. Read and learn why these guys are so happy with their investment.

This small project has changed the flow and look of John and Carol’s home, and how they will enjoy it.

Our team, Steve and Cam have installed two large internal sliding doors into a dividing wall. The result? It has opened up their living/kitchen area.

It feels like a new house.

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They now have morning sun ☀️ beaming into their kitchen. I love the added benefit of a view into the front garden from the kitchen bench.

Their fireplace ? is now able to spread its heat into the rest of their large living area and into the bedrooms as now they can open up the room. They can now regulate the temp of the room that housed the heater which was prone to getting a bit ? Hot.

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What do you think of the feature tiles in the floor?

In cases like this when you can’t match the existing tiles we find this a really good option, it doesn’t look like a patch job. It looks like it’s meant to be there.

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Even though the house is a steel frame house it is not a problem to chop out some walls and use timber in a more conventional method of construction.

While we were onsite we made some running repairs to the Bathroom. Milligan’s have replaced the shower screen and we fixed a vanity back to the wall that the project home builder neglected to do.

Enjoy guys, and thanks for the kind words for our team.

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