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New Builds and Renovations

New Builds

A major decision, and the largest investment you will probably make!

You have considered new build vs renovation, and you’ve decided to go with building a new home in the Forster Tuncurry area.

This new home will be your castle, your home, a place to grow and to relax and enjoy the lovely Forster Tuncurry surrounds.

There are plenty of things to consider when building a new home and we know how to get you through the worry and anxiety to the position of “I am delighted!” There will be no disaster builds or horror stories with BS Nelson – just check out our testimonials and reviews.

And we can help you with all the questions and everything you need to know when building a brand new home.

Different Shapes

We have experience building all types of new homes.
We pride ourselves on the range of new buildings we can create, and we work closely with designers and architects to deliver your dream home.

For example, this home is a large building with three levels and a very different roof shape. The finishes are all smooth and the interior modern and functional.

This coastal property delivers an exciting place where the owners and their family and guests can all feel comfortable and relaxed.

If this is the style of new building that you would like to own, then we are the builders for you in the Great Lakes area.

Modern Quality Feel

When it comes to modern creations, and building new homes with character, we excel!

This beautiful new home in Forster NSW has interesting shapes, sleek finishes and a very strong welcoming feel.

The home is built on a sloping block and uses all of the features of the site to create usable spaces for the family. The roof line is very modern and ensures that large pools of light cascade into the living areas inside.

Picture yourself in this lovely place, or allow it to inspire you in creating your own unique home.

Classic Styles

This lovely home is an example of a classic style that appeals to many people.
It has verandahs front and side and features stone columns with timber supports. This nice contrast between the stone and timber breaks up the vertical line of the roof support.

This type of building fits well both in an urban setting as well as on rolling country hills.

A lovely design, and brought to life by the quality work of B&S Nelson.

Peace of Mind

We use a structured, transparent process when contracting for a new home build.

Whatever the size and style of the build, we apply the same attention to detail, communication skills, and engage you fully in the process.

The journey is enjoyable, and the result will be outstanding!

See our “How we work with You” page for more detail about the process.

From assisting with design elements, solving build problems, managing the budget, attending to quality at all stages, and just making you feel good about the decision, we will deliver your dreams and we will do it …

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