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The Most Common Bathroom Renovation Problems

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Bathroom renovations are often a smooth process, especially if you have reputable and trustworthy trade professionals performing your remodelling. There are, however, some common issues that can derail your workflow and progress, with some of them driving your renovation to a grinding halt.

These issues can be even more prevalent when performing inexperienced DIY remodelling or self-managed bathroom renovations using a range of independent trade specialists at different stages of your project.

This article will discuss some of these pitfalls, helping you better prepare for your bathroom renovation planning process. Read on to learn more.

Bad contractors

The quality of your contractor will be one of the main elements that dictate how smooth and trouble-free your bathroom renovation will be. Unfortunately, while most trade professionals and contractors are talented and reliable, there are plenty of sharks and horror stories to be told.

Many people don’t want to get too involved in the process, which can sometimes result in stress, disappointment and blown-out budgets.

Therefore, it is well worth doing a significant amount of research before beginning the bathroom renovation, the most important of which is finding a bathroom renovation contractor or contractors with stellar reputations and a strong portfolio of happy customers.

Good bathroom renovation experts may not come as cheap, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Materials supply issues

Post-Covid, Australia has somewhat returned to a new normal. However, some remanence of the lockdown periods remain, and significant materials, hardware, and fixtures supply issues are still affecting building and renovation material supplies.

Heavily research what is popular in bathroom trends at the time of your bathroom renovation materials acquisition stage. You can find what is in short supply by contacting local hardware and supply chains.

That way, you can choose to collect your materials before the bathroom renovation starts to ensure a smooth process or guarantee the materials are in plentiful stock so you can provide a smooth workflow and negate blowing out your budget by holding tradespeople back.

Employing a specialist like our B&S Nelson bathroom renovation team can help negate these issues. We take care of all aspects of your bathroom remodelling, from the initial consultations and drafts to the handover, ensuring a smooth, well-informed, well-planned bathroom renovation process.

Poor quality materials and fixtures

There are lots of inexpensive materials on the market. However, if you are starting to collect fixtures and other elements of your bathroom online from overseas or on local social media markets, ensure that these items will last.

If you think you are finding some bargains online from the international market, ensure they suit standard Australian fittings, or you may have wasted some of your budget and be stuck with items that you will struggle to sell on after.

A bargain is only a bargain when the quality significantly outways the normal costs. Anything else could simply be cheap and sub-par, providing you with more headaches than benefits down the track.

Bad plumbing

While building inspections can be costly, they are much less expensive than having to rip out elements of your new bathroom renovation when you discover that your existing plumbing needs maintenance or replacing.


This is extra important if you’re renovating an ageing property. The upfront cost of a professional inspection and knowing your utilities are in good shape far outway the cost of the premature breakdown of your new bathroom.

Signs that your plumbing may need to be inspected include water “hammering” when using taps or showers, obvious signs of leaks or water damage, or water discolouration from your faucets.

Ventilation issues

While a bathroom is designed to be a wet area, excessive or trapped moisture from steam and general use should still be kept to a minimum. Effective ventilation is one of the best ways to ensure you remove airborne moisture from your bathroom while showering or bathing.

Your exhaust fan or extractor should be strong enough that your bathroom and mirrors do not fog up during a hot shower or bath.

There are ways to calculate the amount of extraction power needed to remove steam effectively from your bathroom per square unit of space. An experienced bathroom renovation expert can figure these equations out and suggest the best system for the size of your bathroom.

While excessive moisture can prematurely affect bathroom decor and fixtures, the most significant issue is the opportunity for mycotoxin growth, like mould and mildew, to take hold in your bathrooms, which can be hazardous to human health. Read on to learn more about mycotoxins.


Without adequate drainage and ventilation, your bathroom is your most at-risk room for mycotoxin growth—mycotoxins including organic growth like mould, mildew and fungus.

Mycotoxins often appear as dark or black spots that can occur in tile grout, around windows and, in extreme cases, your drywall and ceiling. These marks are unsightly and can also be hazardous to human health. However, the most concerning mycotoxin hazards may be the ones you can’t see, growing in wall cavities and under floors.

Some of the adverse health conditions attributed to mycotoxin exposure include:

  • Allergy inflammation
  • Asthma attacks
  • Chronic ear and throat irritation
  • Sinus irritation and lung disease
  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart disease, stroke and much more

A mycotoxin treatment specialist can assess your bathroom, make an in-depth report, and treat any mould and mildew before you start your remodelling.

This is another area of your bathroom renovation where it is worth paying for an inspection to ensure your walls and floors are mycotoxin-free, protecting you and your home’s occupants from potential adverse health issues from this often hidden threat.

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