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What Bathroom Renovation Styles Are In?


Are you ready to begin your bathroom renovations in 2022? Bathroom styles are constantly changing; if you want to catch up with current bathroom renovation trends, we have all the information you need right here.

This article will discuss what trends dominate the world of bathroom renovations and why B&S Nelson is the industry leader for bathroom renovations in Forster/Tuncurry. Read on to learn more.


Six popular bathroom renovation styles for 2022

On average, bathroom colours, decor and styles go out of date every four to five years. However, homeowners generally only renovate their bathrooms every 10-20 years, meaning most bathroom aesthetics are outdated when a renovation is initiated.

Suppose your washroom hasn’t been upgraded for an extended period, and you are ready to renovate your out-of-date bathroom. In that case, it may be beneficial to see what bathroom renovation trends are currently dominating the market.

This could be especially beneficial if you are renovating to sell. A trending bathroom style may increase your property value on auction day or when ready for market. Below we will look in-depth at six current styles and trends influencing kitchen designers and home renovators in 2022.

Mod bathroom designs

Mod bathroom designs in 2022 focus on clean lines, crisp neutral colours and sparsity. They are roomy, uniform, and kept to a minimum even when using high contrast effects.

Significant features you could expect in a modern bathroom in 2022 include:

  • Gloss or matte uniform porcelain utilities in very light or ultra-dark contrasts
  • Large panel stone and glazed tile finishes
  • Stark contrast between light and dark between walls, floors and utilities
  • Dark timber, like teak and other hardwoods
  • Central art features
  • Minimalist lighting; like downlights or sconce lights

Mod design is about quality over quantity, and any prominent feature is likely to stand alone, be it a piece of art or a large indoor plant and pot.

Contemporary style

Minimalism is the name of the game with current contemporary bathroom aesthetics. Minimal clutter, long lines and open spaces are the major features of this bathroom style.

Some of the major components you may expect to see in contemporary bathroom renovations include:

  • Large panel tiles with simple finishes like gloss white, marble, concrete
  • Timber panels and other natural features
  • Big open spaces, including shower areas
  • Uncluttered sink tops with minimalist lines
  • Simple lighting with a singular or minimal feature lights
  • Uncomplicated utilities and features

Fuss-free is the keyword here; easy to move through, simple to use and ease of cleaning.


The dictionary definition of the word eclectic is “deriving ideas, styles or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”, and current eclectic bathroom trends follow this memo to a tee.

This style of bathroom tends to flip the minimalist style on its head, focusing on designs such as:

  • Contrasting clour schemes
  • Colourful and diverse tiling designs like detailed patterns, terrazzo, fleur-de-lis designs, composite tiles, and heavily contrasted tiles
  • Eccentric and sentimental items
  • Patterned or artistic feature walls, like photographic wallpaper prints
  • Indoor plants and more

Eclectic bathrooms are often carefully curated by the homeowners themselves, providing a space that matches the unique personalities of the home’s occupants.

Industrial style bathrooms

Bespoke is the word of the day for industrial style bathroom renovations, and refuge material is often a great way to produce this kind of effect.

Features you could expect to find with an industrial bathroom style include:

  • Lots of tarnished copper pipes and fittings
  • Industrial taps and rustic customised faucets
  • Bespoke sinks from industrial materials like metal barrels or commercial steel sinks
  • Minimalist style lights, or bare globes
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Bare brick, or broken plaster

In industrial bathroom renovations, you may also expect to see rustic timber tops, imperfect refuge tiles, and makeshift towel rails from industrial materials; it is a style where creativity and imagination can be let loose.

Rustic design

Rustic and industrial designs may have similar opportunities for creativity; however, there are some distinct differences in the intention of the styling.

For instance, you may want to consider more contrast in a rustic design, having sleek modern sinks and utilities mixed with raw timber finishes and matte concrete floors, for example.

Features you could consider incorporating into a rustic bathroom aesthetic could include:

  • Moisture friendly raw wood panels
  • Matte or gloss polished concrete floors
  • Copper or other metallic light fixtures
  • Plants with an overgrowth feel
  • Rusted metal features
  • Bespoke shower screens
  • Mini orb or corrugated steel panels and more

Craftsman, country and farmhouse designs could also be considered rustic styles, and you can borrow from these inspirations to yield a symbiotic effect.

Tropical bathrooms

If you have ever been to a tropical holiday destination, like Bali, Thailand or the pacific islands, you will notice that they embrace nature in their interior design.

Tropical bathroom styles also tend to install utilities that replicate natural experiences, like flush ceiling shower heads that fall like rain and large windows or skylights to create the illusion of being outside.

Other types of features to create a tropical feel could include:

  • Vertical gardens (wall gardens)
  • Lots of living or imitation plants
  • Spas
  • Large baths
  • Water features and fish tanks
  • Earthy colours like sandstone
  • Natural stone flooring or wall tiles
  • Lighter wood features, like bamboo

Open ceiling beams are also common in tropical style bathrooms, which may allow you to opt for larger skylights, really inviting the outer environment into your bathroom.

Other trending bathroom renovation trends

There are always more than a few trending styles being influenced by the global market, and social media’s influence is also having a substantial impact on current trends.

Some other popular styles that are trending which should be investigated by homeowners and renovators in 2022 include:

  • Asian style bathrooms
  • Southwestern designs
  • Beach style
  • Mediterranean
  • Scandinavian bathrooms and more

Of course, personal taste is the most important factor to consider when deciding on your bathroom renovation aesthetic. Unless you are renovating to sell your home, you must be happy with the final result.

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