Kitchen Renovations

The Hub of the Home!

The Kitchen is where the family meets, prepares food and communicates with each other.

The easier it is to use, and the better it looks, means that more attention can be placed on your family interaction.

Imagine your family linking up in your new B&S Nelson Kitchen!

Wander Through These Kitchens

Things to Consider

When we discuss your new kitchen with you, we make sure we understand how YOU live, and what YOU need your kitchen to deliver for YOUR lifestyle.

We will discuss things like:

  • Family eating preferences
  • Frequency of cooking
  • Mobility of people using the space
  • Bench heights and reaching cupboards
  • Storage space
  • Cooking appliance types
  • Food preparation surface
  • Lighting – both effect and style
  • Ventilation
  • Cupboard closure methods
  • Cupboard internal containers
  • Handle types, taps, and other fittings
  • Placement of functions – layout
  • Efficiency in the kitchen
  • Floor surface
  • Waste disposal, and, of course
  • The look and feel of the kitchen

Before and After

The pictures below show an example of how we have transformed kitchen spaces; picture yourself in a new kitchen from B&S Nelson.

kitchen before renovation
kitchen after renovation

Have your kitchen renovated so it will be a delightful place for your family to enjoy.
B&S Nelson have the experience, skills, knowledge, ideas and communication to bring your dream to reality; and we will do it …

On Time as Promised