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What a shame this was for us to find. We knew there was going to be water damage as we informed the client on our first site visit.

Click on this link below and watch the short video of another water damaged Bathroom we repaired last year in Kularoo drive Forster. I love the Timberline Vanity and Shaving Cabinet Helen selected. The lights in the cabinet look amazing as well as practical.


The photos below are from a Bathroom Renovation we started this week at Forster Keys in Forster /Tuncurry.

This shower base has been leaking for a long time. The house is approximately 25 years old, the movement and shrinkage of the timber floor system can all lead to this issue. The new products we use today are so much more flexible and improved.

We are wondering how long it would have been before the client went through the floor !!

This old shower has finally failed

The bottom plate has actually rotted away, it is amazing that the Termites didnt stay for the long term. They love a moist environment and that is what it was like under the floor.

There was evidence of Termite activity, thankfully they have moved on a long time ago.

Easily repaired with a Skyon Floor and ready for the waterproofer to come in.

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