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Advice when comparing quotes

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At B&S Nelson Building Services, we are confident that your peace of mind in using a reputable and well-established company far outweighs any short-term small cost savings you might find. However, should you wish to shop around, we have prepared a checklist below to help you protect yourself and ensure you are comparing apples with apples.

INCLUSIONS – Ensure that you read the specifics of the quotation carefully and that you are comparing ‘apples with apples’ in areas such as the quality of fixtures and fittings, materials, professional preparation, tradespeople etc. What work are being be done that you may never see i.e. foundations, insulation, etc? If you are not sure, ask us to explain a price difference in a particular area of the quotation to ensure you are clear about the differences.

PC SUMS – These are ‘estimated’ used in builder’s quotes to anticipate the cost of unknown works, such as site costs. However, for a rushed or unscrupulous tradesman they can also be away of not giving you a fixed price unit after the job is won, when it could be excessively more. Ensure that any price estimates are reasonable and asked for a fixed price where it is possible.

PRICE – Be wary as cheaper price may reflect shortcuts, substandard preparation, poor workmanship or inferior materials. It may also mean the company does not pay certain overheads such as insurances or follow all WHS requirements.

ASSOCIATIONS – Ensure that the builder is licensed to carry out the project and has all the required insurances for your project. It is preferred that they are members of organisations like the HIA or MBA. These bodies ensure the ongoing training and development of their members.

WARRANTY – Does the company offer a warranty on workmanship?

INSURANCE – Does the builder have Public Liability, Construction Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Home Owners Warranty Insurance?

TEAM – Is there a professional team of experts to ensure a good quality job in a faster time frame? Are all members of the team experienced enough to give you professional advice on both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the job?

ENVIRONMENT – Does the builder understand the latest sustainability rules and have enough knowledge to suggest ways to save you money through energy efficiency? Do they operate in a clean and environmentally responsible manner?

PROJECT TIMING – Ask when prospective builders can commence and their required time for construction. Upon receiving this information check that they are happy for these items to be included in the Contract Provisions. Some builders will tell clients what they want to hear with respect of timing but baulk at having it included in the contract. If you find a significant difference in the building quotes presented to you there is almost always a good reason why. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on what to look for in comparing price estimates for your particular job.


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