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Choosing the Right Materials for Coastal Home Renovation


Coastal home construction involves unique challenges due to the elements. However, there are some innovative materials that architects and builders employ to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of these homes.

Property builders must battle corrosive saltwater and withstand fierce storms. As the home builder, Tuncurry/Forster coastal homeowners trust, the team at B&S Nelson knows how to create resilient homes that harmonise with the environment. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind crafting a safe, sustainable, and stunning sanctuary amid the ever-changing coastal landscape.

Protection with impact-rated glass and shutters

Sea-facing homes, in particular, bear the brunt of relentless winԁs and torrential rains, especially during severe weather events. Protecting from windborne ԁebris and water infiltration becomes not just a matter of comfort but of necessity.

Standard windows, no matter how sturdy they might seem, can prove to be vulnerable in the face of powerful storms. Impact-rated glass is specially designed to withstand extreme conditions. Comprising multiple layers of glass bonded together with a durable interlayer, this type of glass is exceptionally resilient. Even when subjected to powerful winds, impact-rated glass holds its ground, preventing shattering and maintaining the structural integrity of the window.

In addition to impact-rated glass, shutters are crucial in fortifying coastal homes. These protective coverings, often made from robust materials like aluminium or steel, are a physical barrier between the home’s interior and the external elements. Shutters can be closed when a storm is imminent, providing an additional defence against wind, rain, and flying debris.

The versatility and timeless natural beauty of dense wood

Wood’s inherent strength and aesthetic appeal have made it a near-universal choice for architects and builders across the globe. However, the elements that make coastal regions picturesque – the salt-laden air, constant humidity, and unpredictable weather patterns – also render most types of wood vulnerable to decay and deterioration.

Enter marine plywood, a high-quality material that, unlike traditional woods, is specifically engineered to withstanԁ the harsh conditions of the coastline. This specialised wood is resistant to constant immersion in salt and freshwater, making it an ideal choice for structures close to the sea. Its robust construction ensures it does not succumb to rot, a common fate for many other wood types exposed to moisture.

What sets marine plywood apart is not just its water resistance but the meticulous design that goes into its production. This grade of wood boasts a unique feature – it is devoid of internal voids, which means there are no spaces within the material that can trap water and accelerate decay. The glues used in marine plywood are weather-and-boil-proof, ensuring they maintain their integrity even under the most torrential rains or extreme weather conditions.

Steel panel roofing for Durability, weather resistance, and long-term cost savings

As the protective crown of any home, the choice of roofing material plays a pivotal role in ensuring structural integrity, energy efficiency, and overall longevity. Steel roofing is a top contender, offering homeowners a strong, low-maintenance, cost-effective solution.

Steel panels are engineered to enԁure the harshest weather conditions, making them a popular choice for coastal homes exposed to the relentless onslaught of salt-laden air and heavy rains. Unlike traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, steel does not rot, warp, or crack when exposed to moisture. It is also impervious to pests like termites, ensuring that the roof remains intact and secure over the years.

Steel roofing panels are designed to withstand extreme winds, and their interlocking panels create a seamless, impenetrable barrier with excellent reflective properties. Steel panels, especially when coated with reflective finishes, can effectively deflect the sun’s rays, reducing the heat the roof absorbs. This inherent reflective quality minimises heat transfer into the home, leading to a cooler interior. In turn, this reduces the reliance on air conditioning, ultimately lowering cooling costs during hot summer months.

Porcelain tiles combine functionality with aesthetic appeal

Porcelain tiles are renowneԁ for their exceptional water resistance and durability, making them a natural choice for coastal homes. Their dense composition and low water absorption rate make them impervious to moisture, preventing water ԁamage, mould, and milԁew growth. This quality is especially crucial in areas prone to high humidity and constant exposure to salt-laden air, such as coastal regions like Tuncurry and Forster.

One of the stanԁout features of porcelain tiles is their application versatility. In a coastal home, these tiles can be utilised in various ways to enhance functionality and aesthetics. For example, parts of the floor, particularly in high-traffic areas like the entrance, living room, or kitchen, can be lined with porcelain tiles. Their water-resistant nature ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, making them ideal for areas susceptible to spills and splashes. When we handle a home bathroom renovation in Tuncurry/Forster, porcelain tiles are a staple choice!

Considering a coastal home bathroom renovation Tuncurry/Forster?

In the picturesque coastal towns of Forster, Tuncurry, Pacific Palms, Failford, Halliԁays Point, and Diamond Beach, B&S Nelson is the name that can be relied on for quality builds and renovations. As deԁicated members of these vibrant communities, we understand the essence of coastal living.

B&S Nelson is more than just a construction company; we are neighbours, friends, and integral parts of the communities we serve. Our roots are firmly planted in the Great Lakes, the Manning Valley, and the Barrington Coast, so we possess a deep understanding of the unique lifestyle and architectural preferences that characterise this coastal paradise.

Building or renovating a home is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a space that mirrors your lifestyle, values, and aspirations. The team at B&S Nelson recognises this, working closely with homeowners to bring their visions to life. Contact us today, and let us transform your dreams into reality.