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Home Renovation Services: Redefining Living Spaces in Forster and Tuncurry


At B&S Nelson, we’ve been crafting homes and renovations that stand the test of time and leave our clients beaming with satisfaction. Picture this: a beautiful blend of quality, honesty, and reliability, all wrapped up in a neat package of home renovation expertise. Sound good? We agree!

Now, it’s not just about the result – it’s about the journey. At B&S Nelson Building, we take pride in ensuring your home renovation experience is exceptional. We’re not just builders; we’re passionate about creating spaces you’ll love to call home. How do we do this? Let’s find out.

The secret sauce is the Start Smart consultation

More than just a fancy term, our smart consultation is the game-changer at the beginning of every project. We’re not here to just build; we’re here to understand your dreams, your style, and your vision. Because, let’s face it, a home isn’t just walls and ceilings – it’s an extension of you.

When you’re at the starting line of your dream home journey, you are full of ideas and excitement. That’s where the B&S Nelson Building Services Start Smart consultation swoops in. One of our renovation maestros rolls up to your site to dive deep into your dreams. We chat with you about all those Pinterest-worthy ideas bouncing around in your head, measure up the place, and drop some expert advice.

From there, you get a sneak peek at the financial side of things with a ballpark estimate so you can march into the next phase with your eyes wide open. No surprises, just straight-up knowledge about what it’ll cost to turn those dreams into reality.

Home renovation services that transform your living space

By having an on-site consultation with our seasoned registered builder, your renovation process will start with a hands-on session. Our builder, armed with a license to build dreams, is not just there for the view – they’re taking measurements and diving into the nitty-gritty details with you.

Now, why is this a big deal? It’s not just a chat about paint colours and fancy finishes. This consultation is your golden ticket to clarity. Our builder spills the beans on the ins and outs of your project, discussing finishes, materials, and everything in between. No stone is left unturned, and no detail is too small. It’s like having a renovation guru right there in your living room, guiding you through the process.

There is a small fee for this hands-on expertise, but it can save you up to a whopping $10,000 in unnecessary plans, reports, and drafting – money that could be better spent on those sleek countertops or that spa-like shower you’ve been eyeing.

Bonus benefit: If you’re eyeing a smaller-scale transformation, like a bathroom renovation, we’ll provide a fixed-price proposal. No surprises, no guesswork – just a clear-cut plan with a price tag that won’t play hide-and-seek with your budget.

The home bathroom renovation Tuncurry/Forster loves

B&S Nelson Building Services takes the art of bathroom renovations to a whole new level. It’s not just about the tiles and fixtures; it’s about creating a space that resonates with you.

Now, let’s talk logistics. We’re not just about pretty designs; we’re about formal agreements and clear contracts. No hidden surprises, no mysterious costs – just a transparent roadmap from start to finish. And when we say you’re involved at every step, we mean it. Accessibility to your home and respect for your neighbours are non-negotiables for us. We want this bathroom renovation journey to be as smooth for you as it is for the new tiles lining your bathroom walls.

Start date, completion date – we’re not playing hide-and-seek with timelines. We understand the anticipation, and we’re committed to delivering on schedule. Life is unpredictable, but we manage variations and ensure you are part of the decision-making crew.

Ever met your builder’s suppliers in person? Well, get ready for a personal introduction. We want you to feel as comfortable with our supply partners as you are with us. Communication is our superpower; regular updates and friendly check-ins are abundant; it’s your peace of mind that matters.

How to approach your renovation the right way

Nobody wants a horror story of budget blowouts and unexpected headaches when they undergo a renovation. We’ve all heard those tales of construction projects going off the rails, and more often than not, it’s because builders didn’t put in the time and effort to quote accurately.

At B&S Nelson Building Services, we believe in accuracy, and that’s why we steer clear of the “free quote” trap. Sure, it might sound tempting, but free doesn’t always mean accurate. We’ve seen it lead to unnecessary variations, disappointments, disputes, and let’s not forget the delays – a triple threat that costs you time, money, and sanity.

So, how do we do things differently? We create realistic allowances. We roll up our sleeves and spend time understanding what you want. It’s not just about the blueprints; it’s about your vision. We’re in the business of making dreams come true, and that starts with eliminating the guesswork.

Our philosophy is simple: we treat your money and budget as if it were our own. That means we’re not just building; we’re advising on cost-effective construction methods and other strategies to keep your project within budget. We’re your financial watchdog, making sure every penny is well-spent.

And here’s the magic trick to avoid nasty surprises – thorough site investigations during the planning stages. No unexpected hiccups, no hidden complications. With us, what you see is what you get. It’s like having a renovation crystal ball that prevents any nasty surprises from creeping up later in the build.

Choose the home builder Tuncurry/Forster trusts

With B&S Nelson’s renovation services and our Start Smart approach, we’re here to walk you through your entire renovation – no fuss, no hassles. Your dream space is just around the corner, and we’ll make sure the journey is as smooth as a freshly renovated wall.