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Benefits of Complete Home Renovation Services


So, you are happy with your home. Your interior design is just right; there are no major maintenance concerns, your appliances and utilities are in shape, and everything is just the way you like it. So, why would you give a complete home renovation a second thought?

Well, there could be some excellent reasons to keep complete home renovations on the table, more than you may think! Read on to learn why it may be worth considering a complete home renovation and why B&S Nelson are industry-leading home builders, Forster, Tuncurry, and surrounding areas.


Complete Home Renovation Forster/Tuncurry

Even though you may not have considered any minor or major renovations on your current home in the near future, there may be some solid reasons to consider casting your mind in that direction.

One major reason to consider giving your current home an upgrade is the soaring Australian real estate market, and it is currently very much a seller’s market!

Even if you are more than happy with your home, alterations that add value ensure you are getting the most out of your main asset. However, money isn’t everything, and there are more than a few reasons to consider a complete home renovation for you and your family. Read on to find out more.

Raise the value of your property with complete home renovation

Let’s address the big benefit first; yes, a complete home renovation can significantly raise the value of your home, especially if your home hasn’t had any major work for over ten to twenty years.

And it is not just the bricks and mortar that you should consider when thinking about an upgrade. Home technologies have advanced significantly in the last decade and have become much more affordable.

New wave solar, smart home appliances, security devices and other technologies are becoming standard features in new homes and investing in these technologies while renovating can go a long way in keeping your home market-relevant.

Being able to get top dollar for your home in your area, even if you have no plans to sell, can provide you with significantly more lending power, with the banks increasing your wealth-building options and potential.

Lowering your energy costs with complete home renovation

Suppose your home hasn’t had any appliance and utility upgrades in the last decade or so. In that case, the money you’ve been afraid to spend on renovations may already be disappearing in excessive energy costs.

Solar has come a long way in recent years, and unless you export over 50% of your solar energy back into the grid, you may see better returns from a system upgrade. Battery storage systems have also become more affordable and slimline in recent years, making them more accessible for the typical household.

Another way to measurably reduce your energy bill is with the aforementioned smart technology. Things like smart lighting systems use LED technology that uses a fraction of a traditional globes’ power with far more functionality and light emission.

Is there someone in your home who always leaves the light on? Leave your air conditioning on in the summer, even when you are out? While no one likes to enter a hot house in summer, this practice can leave a big hole in your bank account.

With innovative technology, you can control smart appliances like air conditioners and other utilities via an app on your smartphone. This allows you to turn on your aircon and other home appliances on the way home, rather than just leaving it to burn through your energy and income for no reason.

Other appliances, many of which are now smart technology-enabled, are significantly more energy-efficient than their peers a mere decade ago.

Other current smart home appliances that can save you energy costs include:

  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens and cooktops
  • Microwaves
  • Cooktops
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Refrigerators and more

These modern home utilities use significantly less power and water than the previous generation of only a decade ago, and there is no easier time to upgrade your home technologies than when undertaking a complete home renovation.

Not only will this reduce your outgoing costs and increase the value and appeal of your home, you and your family also benefit from utilising and enjoying energy-efficient new age smart appliances and devices.

On top of all these benefits, you can feel good knowing you and your family are doing all you can to reduce carbon emissions, energy expenditure and water wastage to help secure a better planet for future generations.

Reduce maintenance costs

Is your house over ten to twenty years old? While things may seem to be holding together for now, often, as your home ages past this point, the maintenance costs can compound quickly and turn into multiple major repairs, which can result in significant financial losses for not much gain.

In comparison, the amount of value you could add to your home by having complete bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations or extensions can negate the cost and stress of major repair issues before they arise, like:

  • Water damage
  • Splitting pipes
  • Bad wiring
  • Failing gutters
  • Rotting timbers and more

Why pay thousands in unavoidable repair costs only to maintain your current house? The same amount of money invested into a complete home renovation offers a lot more benefits to your asset’s worth whilst also improving the comfort and lifestyle of your family as it grows; all wins, no losses.

Professional home renovations services

With B&S Nelson, you not only have a building company with over 30-years of experience in construction and home renovations but also a home builder who understands the current real estate market and what it takes to optimise your asset’s worth.

B&S Nelson offers industry-leading advice and home renovations services to help you make the best decisions when investing in a home renovation.

If you are looking for home builders, Forster, Tuncurry and surrounding communities for complete home renovations, then contact our experienced builders today via phone or email for advice and services.

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