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How To Make You Small Bathroom Renovation Elegant?

Getting the desired effect can be challenging if you like a bathroom of elegance and prestige but only have limited space in your small bathroom. However, If you are looking to achieve a look of luxury in your small bathroom renovation, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of achieving your desired aesthetic.

Read on to make your small bathroom look luxurious and why B&S Nelson is the obvious choice for a  bathroom renovation in Forster/Tuncurry.

Bathroom Renovations Tuncurry/Forster

Add warm tones

Often older small bathrooms feature white painted walls and beige or white laminated cabinetry and can “whitewash” the entire bathroom, which is neither elegant nor trashy; it is just plain and lifeless.

By adding warm colours and features to the bathroom, you can break up the monotony and make the room appear more stylish and well thought out.

Examples of how to bring warmth into your small bathroom include:

  • Bespoke wooden cabinet doors or timber accents and decorations
  • Timber plantation shutters
  • Installing a warm coloured paint or removable wallpaper feature wall
  • Adding warm coloured or earthy towels and mats
  • Faux or natural stone finishes and much more

The idea is to break up monotonous colour tones with something different but not too extreme. There are plenty of ideas online on Pinterest, so jump on the web and get inspired.

Bathroom Renovation: Recolour the existing tiles

Tiles can be one of the most expensive parts of a small bathroom renovation. However, what do you do if your tiles and grout are in good condition but are a little stylistically dated or plain? Tile paint is a great way to transform your aging bathroom into a modern, sleek finish.

Not all tile paints are created equal, and some of the cheaper mixtures are unreliable and can look terrible when they peel or fade. Search for online reviews or speak to your local hardware paint specialist to ensure that you get robust tile paint.

Floating vanity

The vanity often features an under sink cabinet in small bathrooms to optimise storage. While this may be a good storage utility, it takes away from a look of luxury by creating a “boxy” feel that makes the room feel crowded.

Creating a floating vanity feels more spacious and elegant and allows you to create something more bespoke and less generic.

Optimise storage

If you choose to go with a floating vanity, you will lose some storage space; however, a little creativity can provide more subtle or stylish storage solutions.

Examples of ways you can optimise your storage without sacrificing style include:

  • Adding a cabinet behind the mirror
  • Install floating shelves
  • Using a modified vintage closet
  • Installing fashionable hangers from the back of the door and more

Our B&S Nelson small bathroom and kitchen renovation designers have the latest smart storage solutions. Call us today for more information on how you can optimise your small bathroom storage.

Glass adds class

One thing that can bring down the aesthetics of your small bathroom is cheap plastic shower curtains. Glass is reminiscent of crystal which can provide a sense of prestige.

This is highly effective in an open shower but may be less effective with a shower and bathtub combo. If you rarely use your bathtub, it may be worth considering removing it and remodelling your shower; however, this can be an expensive process but will open up and transform the feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation: Replace the fixtures

Aging or corroded fixtures can significantly detract from your small bathroom’s general aesthetic. However, changing your bathroom fixtures with something a bit more stylish can add a more refined accent to your small bathroom, and although it could cost a little, it may not be as expensive investment as you think.

Some sound advice is to choose your new fixtures after you have decided on the style of your new bathroom, as your fixtures should match your surrounding decor and not the other way around.

Throw some light on the subject

Lighting can change the feel of your small bathroom considerably, which means both the style of light fixture and the light hues.

Many bathrooms have a basic overhead light configuration which, while it may be acceptable as a utility, does nothing for the style or mood of your bathroom.

Overhead feature light and some sconce lights on either side of your mirror, for example, can become a classy feature while still providing ample light. If you love to soak in the bath, consider installing a dimmer switch to set a softer, more relaxing tone while you destress.

Add luxury items

People tend to overlook adding visually appealing accents to their bathroom, hyper-fixating on the rest of the home. However, if you were to clock the amount of time you spend in the bathroom year to year, you may be surprised how much you use this essential amenity.

Examples of luxury items that you could use to make your bathroom more elegant could include:

  • Flowers and vases
  • Feature mirrors
  • Luxury soap dispensers
  • Hanging plants
  • Skylights and more

The trick is to pick some feature items and not clutter the space; this is the fine line between luxurious and tacky.

Artistic flair

Wall art is underutilised in bathrooms; however, you don’t want to fill your shelves with sculptures or statues and hang framed art on every spare wall space; be selective and minimalistic.

Don’t get too carried away, and be conservative with your decisions. If you have waited till the end of your redesign to pick new fixtures, then art, and luxury items, for that matter, should be the last thing you contribute to your small bathroom renovation.

Start on the big things and work your way down. If you prioritise in the correct order, you may be blown away with the results, and you can achieve amazing things on a relatively tight budget.

Bathroom Renovation Forster

Not everyone has an eye for detail, and if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of spearheading a DIY small bathroom renovation, then it’s time to call the professionals. Our B&S Nelson small bathroom renovation experts can take the guesswork out of creating a bathroom that will wow your visitors and become an amenity you can’t wait to use every day.

Call one of our small bathroom renovation consultants today, and take the first steps toward your dream bathroom makeover.