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Top Tips for Successful Home Renovations

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Home renovations can often be stressful, especially if you don’t plan on moving out while they are happening. These stressors can be even more confronting if you are attempting to do the renovations yourself.

There is so much information online, as well as home reno horror stories; it is enough to plague your mind with doubt.

The fact is even minor home renovations or redesigns can add significant value to your property. They provide you with a new space or more room. First, however, you need to have a clear vision, an adequate budget and a good plan.

Fortunately, whether minor or complete home renovations, the path has been well-trodden by the generations that have come before us, and the internet has provided all their experiences, good and bad, so we can learn from their wisdom before embarking on the epic renovation journey.

Read on to discover some top tips for successful home renovations and why you should consider hiring a renovations specialist like the team at B&S Nelson Home Renovation Forster/Tuncurry.

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Home Renovations Tips

Tip #1: Know your budget

The things we would like to achieve with our home renovations and what our budget permits can often create conflict. There is nothing worse than dreaming big for a year only to have those dreams shattered by your bank manager or finance provider.

Although a home renovation starts with a creative process, you must have a realistic budget before getting carried away. 

Hiring a home renovations specialist like the team at B&S Nelson Home Renovations, Forster/Tuncurry can help you get a realistic interpretation of what your dream renovation will cost and isolate the legalities and specifications required to achieve it.

Tip #2: Plan

If you plan to take on your renovations yourself, having a clear plan and a documented process is vital for a successful minor or complete home renovation.

For a successful home renovation, you will need to consider things like:

  • Health and safety laws
  • Due process
  • Building deconstruction
  • Approved materials
  • Lead times
  • Council regulations
  • Underground hazards
  • Building planning and standards
  • Government approvals and more

The best way to have a clear, defined plan of action is by hiring someone with experience. Home renovations experts like the team at B&S Nelson can help you navigate the renovation process, saving you time, money and stress.

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Tip #3: Be prepared for anything

The odds are that when performing complete home renovations, you will be relocating to another temporary dwelling while remodelling is underway. 

However, less extensive home renovations may mean that you are living with some inconvenience for an extended period. This can cause significant disruptions to your everyday family life and present some challenges you may have glossed over.

Things for consideration and planning may include:

  • Storage for furniture and other items while work takes place
  • Security breaches while renovations are taking place
  • Heating and cooling costs while insulation is temporarily compromised
  • Protection and contingency plans for extreme weather events
  • Identifying and addressing potential trip and fall hazards
  • Pet safety and more

Although these things are nothing to stress about, you may be in a much better situation if something out of your control goes wrong if you prepare for the worst.

Tip #4: Set realistic expectations

We all love to dream big, and most of us, at least secretly, long for more than we have. However, dreams and realities often conflict, and it is important not to have too many expectations and be prepared for some bumps in the road along the way, especially during DIY renovations.

If you are using a professional, and things have taken a turn for the worse, it is essential to remember that even professionals come up against unexpected roadblocks, and having too high expectations of your trade professionals, within reason, can create unnecessary tension.

Expecting nothing but a smooth process leaves you open to disappointment and frustration. So make sure you are prepared for things to go wrong and maintain the attitude that there will be a solution for every problem.

Tip #5: Consider reputations

In these crazy, unpredictable times of uncertainty and information saturation, it is easy to get lost in the online world of home renovations. There is contradictory advice everywhere, and no doubt, a fair amount of friends and family who consider themselves “home renovations experts” who are more than happy to share their experience and wisdom with you, whether you asked for it or not!

Due diligence is vital when researching home renovation advice and information online and when seeking a building professional.

In the building world, reputation is everything, and finding the right professional or the right advice needs to be addressed like a seasoned detective. 

Make sure your online information is coming from a credible source. Likewise, do not pick the first home renovation specialist who offers you the eBay deal. Good reputations are often paid for, and spending a little more now may ensure your renovations cost you a lot less in the future, both in loss of finance and loss of sleep.

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